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Is enterprise JAVA still a bitch?

Is enterprise JAVA still a bitch? Print This Post

I have worked with JAVA and enterprise JAVA since 1998 and it have really surprised me how difficult it is to construct and maintain an enterprise application. At first I build the frameworks myself but then the official JAVA enterprise frameworks came out (to “help” the programmers and architects). I struggled for many years to get, one version after another, to work. Just to get the pluming to work was a painful affair – but to get the application to perform was really a bitch. Just to many layers with too much so called “magic”.

But where is JAVA enterprise today – the year 2014? Are we closer to an easy and fast solution? Can we start up a new project and just begin working directly at the business logic and be creative and fulfill the business demands? Is the age over where we have to make a million small tech demoes just to be sure that we are going in the right direction?
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