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#CheatSheet for #JIRA #Agile plug-in

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I have been using JIRA and especially the JIRA Agile plug-in for a while and was missing an easy cheat sheet that my team could benefit from. A cheat sheet that would set the common ground for all team members and that could remove the ugly factor of introducing jet another administrative tool that I should learn. This cheat sheet will hopefully remove the how-to-use-yet-another-tool and i-am-using-the-tool-my-own-way. Atlasssian have actually made a great tool that is very easy to use, has a reasonably price and make a good base for doing Scrum or Kanban.

Don’t do your own interpretations on how to use the JIRA agile plug-in! Just use it naive and enjoy how quick and easy the handling of an agile project can be.

If you have suggestions or improvements to the cheat sheet feel free to write me – otherwise enjoy…

Download: Cheat Sheet – Scrum in JIRA V1.2