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NorthTech Backend Paradigm

The first draft of the NorthTech Backend Paradigm is ready! It incorporates a basic setup and should be easy to get up and running. You can get the paradigm here (http://git.northtech.dk/projects/NT/repos/backend-paradigm/browse/paradigm?at=refs%2Fheads%2FVERSION-1.0.0 [1])

See the link above for documentation on how to setup the paradigm.

Git: http://git.northtech.dk/scm/nt/backend-paradigm.git

Branch Description
VERSION-1.0.0 First version
master Latest version / snapshot (can be broken)

It is based upon my Enterprise JAVA paradigm / core fremework – Spring! article (http://www.wiegand.dk/wordpress/?p=51 [2]) and How to build a domain model with JPA2 and Hibernate (http://www.wiegand.dk/wordpress/?p=43 [3])

Try it out and come with feedback to this post!

Best Regards

Rolf Wiegand Storgaard