Who am I?

My name is Rolf Wiegand Storgaard (Infrastructure Architect & Expert IT developer) and I was born in the year 1973. And yes… it is me in the middle of the picture above at my 40 years birthday 🙂

The early years

I have worked with computers as long as I can remember. In an early age my father (Flemming Wiegand) introduced me to technology. He worked at the main telephone company in Denmark (KTAS) as the head of the development department. Because of his work he brought a lot of nice things home from work in the early years of home computing.

Programming and my first real job

In the mid eighties I started programming in Basic – both on PC (an Ericsson 8088) and on my Commadore 64. Up trough the nineties I moved to Pascal on mainly PCs, then C and C++ and in 1998 I was hired by a small company and started up building enterprise web solutions in JAVA and I have worked with JAVA since. At this stage I started up building application servers, with services, web services, transaction management, failover, load balancing, message queues and all the other enterprise terminologies. The next 5 years I worked for this company on all kinds of web solutions. 

My company: NorthTech

In 2003 I started my own company – NorthTech – with two of my good friends; Jes Wulfsberg Nielsen (Frontend Architect) and Jon Gregor Hemmingsen (CEO & Solution Architect). At first we primarily worked as consultants and founded some spin-of-projects. Since 2011 we have worked primariy in the geographical sector as consultants and building up an geographical application suite called GEOteamwork.

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